Surgery – Is it happening?

Well, let’s see if the FIFTH time’s the charm. I won’t hold my breath just to be safe! Is it happening – I sure hope so. I heard it is officially put on the schedule for the whole hospital to see and not just written down somewhere on the desk of the scheduler’s office. I have heard it is scheduled…in the books. So – I believe it!

Before I share the date of my surgery – anyone who had the honor to meet my dad, LOVED and enjoyed that man so much. My dad was a big soft teddy bear that would go over and beyond for anyone. He would honestly give his shirt off his back if someone truly needed it. My dad was an incredible man – he was truly my best friend and a blast to be around! The father-daughter relationship I had with my dad was beyond special. Something I will never forget. With ALL that being said and I could go on, the day my dad said good-bye to this world is the day I will regain my life back!

September 3rd, 2017 was the day my dad died from a pulmonary embolism. A day I truly do not want to relive or remember. This day also happened shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer at age 26. This day is also just a day like any other day. But, it is a pretty important day to me. In a few short weeks, I will be going in for the BIGGEST surgery of my life. That day is September 3rd. On my dad’s 2nd anniversary, I will be reclaiming this day and I will turn the meaning of the day around to mean something positive and incredible. It is hard not to think my dad had something to do with this and if he did, that gives me even more peace that I am okay having my surgery on this day. I am ready to have this surgery and ready to hopefully say goodbye to cancer for now and hopefully for good!

In the mean time, my 29th birthday is exactly a week before surgery. Let me tell you, I will be living it up and enjoying myself big time. I not only will be celebrating another year of LIVING and THRIVING with cancer, but to celebrate kicking cancers ass and having a nice hurrah moment before the big surgery day. August 17th will be my 2nd cancer anniversary! Wow. 

Oh – that bald life made another appearance the other day! Miss my little pixie cut that was coming in strong, but the hair needed to go. My scalp needed whatever was remaining to go. Thanks to my friend Haley who too is kicking cancers ass shaved it for me. We are rocking the bald together! It sure was a special moment for us both. We go way back, lost touch for many years, and stupid cancer brought us back together!!! This time, it was a little more emotional shaving it, but IT IS JUST HAIR and I kind of like the bald! You have so many options and it is great when the temp outside is HOT.


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