The Last Moments…

SURGERY – September 3rd

As I am sitting here putting my last minute touches on this last blog post for awhile, I cannot stop thinking about how blessed I am. Thinking about how far I have come living this ‘cancer life’.  It is not easy – most of the time it is miserable. 🙂 I’ve been packing for my next big adventure and I cannot stop thinking about this week and how great it has been. I celebrated my birthday and even had a little surprise party to kick off the celebration. On top of that, had the best last hurrah staying downtown before the BIG day. THANK YOU to everyone who made my birthday a special one! To be living and enjoying life while living with cancer has been a challenge to learn the ups and downs that are involved with it, but also rewarding because I am really finding who I am. In away, I do have to thank cancer for helping me find ME and my voice. Cancer has nothing on me, it is not what defines me. I am BIGGER than cancer! I am becoming ME!

Just a few days – that is all the time I have left before I go in for the most important surgery of my life. A surgery that could be my saving grace and one that really can change my life for the better! I am scared beyond measures because a lot of unknown as to what all will be happening and what I will be waking up to is up in the air for the most part. My surgeon’s goal is to get all the cancer. So – he will do just that! He will do anything and everything he can to get it ALL. Bye-Bye tumors! I am ready…I’ve been ready. With this surgery getting pushed back several times, I feel this was completely meant to be. I mean, I am going in on the day my dad passed away two years ago, but to me I see this as a day to get my life back. Start fresh! It is such a full circle!

From now until my surgery, I’ll keep enjoying my time and birthday week (it’s not over 🤣) with my cheerleaders by my side! Not think too much about surgery and September 3rd because right now, I want to enjoy my time. I am not sure when I will be back on my blog. I will return when I am ready! In the meantime – if you would like to follow my surgery journey, Instagram is where all the updates will be. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!

Instagram: auggiejo

THROWING THIS OUT THERE! Sept 21st – Get Your Rear in Gear. If you would like to support Team Auggie and I by either donating and/or joining the team, please visit:





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