The Wait Continues…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Quick update: My big surgery day was supposed to be this past Tuesday (12th), but that did not happening. Totally okay! For those of you who know about the crazy #snowmaggedon happening in Washington right now – that may be why surgery was postponed (maybe), but my body/mind need a little more time to recover from the whole liver side effect and the medication. This surgery is HUGE and I need to be in the best physical and mental state possible! A little more of a break will do the body some good and everyone is one the same page! 

With the whole liver thing, it is improving and I am happy to say, my liver is back to normal. Gosh, what a process this has taken. I am thankful for the improvement and for my body staying strong. I have been really making sure the food that I have been putting in my body is fueling that liver of mine, but I need to gain those pounds too. In December, I was at the lowest I’ve been during this journey and that was scary. Sleeping was uncomfortable as my bones knocked together. I had no rear to make sitting comfy. And my clothes just hung on my body. Honestly, I didn’t feel good about who I saw in the mirror. But I know it’s the stupid cancer trying to take over…I won’t let it! The pounds are slowing getting added on, that appetite is improving, and that feel good feeling is coming back. It is a slow process, but I am getting there!

This standstill is scary though. I have been off of treatment since the 20th of November and all that goes though your mind is…what the HELL is this cancer doing inside me. Guess what, NOTHING!!! As of my latest CT scan, the only concerning spot is the one I’ve talked about that is located on my right ovary. Not something I am worried about, that will be taken out on surgery day. The news of my CT scan was just what I needed to hear! The fact that I have been off of treatment for this lengthy period of time and received that kind of news…I’m happy!!!!!!!!!!!! Relieved! Because in the back of my mind, I am freaking about this surgery, but I am so ready to get this nasty stuff out of my body. 

With not having treatment right now, still recovering from the side effect, and gearing up for surgery…I am just taking one day at a time! The new surgery date has not been scheduled, but we are looking at next month! Stay tuned… 

Thanks for following along! 





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