Taking a Time Out

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

I have not put it out there yet when it comes to the next steps for me. Things are slightly on hold for a moment and I have been very distracted. The life of having cancer is always keeping you on your toes. Things can always change. Be put on hold for the time being. But, that is okay…things are slowly improving and will continue too! Something I have been reminding myself, ‘Take one day at a time”!

With treatment, the last immunotherapy (3 rounds total on with plan) was right before Thanksgiving. It has been on hold. With the hospital visit I had at the beginning of the month due of side effects from treatment, my body is still bouncing back from that. My liver enzymes are elevated at the moment and we are needing to get that under control…and it is!!! So for now, I have just been taking a time out to get my MIND and BODY back to fighting shape. It has been challenging for me, but filtering those positive vibes. As of Christmas Eve, my numbers have improved! Liver enzymes are moving in the right direction.

Backing it up to last month, the Laperscopic Surgery explanation is long over due. The reason – my surgeon wanted to go in and see what all this cancer is doing inside me. He wanted to see what all he is working with. His plan was to take out any spots that may be questionable and to get biopsies done. In a previous post, I mention there was an area that showed growth in a CT scan a few months back. We all know with CT scans, the images can only show so much and even what was captured can be fuzzy. That area that showed growth, my surgeon felt it to be my right ovary. He wanted to see with his own eyes what is going on with with area. Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t able to make its way down to that area due to build up of tissue. However, my surgeon still strongly believes it is my right ovary and something I will consider taking out.

With the results from the Laparoscopic Surgery, I was excited! Not only did my surgeon say there was very little disease, the few spots that were collected for a biopsy came back NEGATIVE. Plus, he mentioned he liked how clean everything looked. SAY WHAT! Guys, despite what has been going on this month…this makes me feel good and I need to remember only this kind of stuff. The GOOD stuff. Easier said than done! 😉 My body has gone through so much change in a short amount of time, but it has been staying strong for me and continues too.

Regardless of the slight hiccup, everything else is still looking really good! At the moment, I will be going in for weekly blood work and meeting with a liver specialist to keep on top of my liver enzymes and making sure they are moving in the right direction. BECAUSE the next step for me is a pretty intense surgery that has been long overdue to share and I will in the next post! Thanks for your patience.




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