Slight Road Block and Round Twenty-four…✔️

Part 1

I know…I’ve been slightly behind in getting my blog posts out there for you all to read. I have so much to share with everyone, but a few minor bumps in the road came in the way. :/ All is good though!

I want to start off by saying, I am very fortunate and blessed for the amazing care team I have. Plus, a HUGE shout out to my cheerleaders for keeping my spirits up, checking in on me, visiting me…whatever it may be, thank you! The biggest SHOUT OUT goes to my brother and being by my side!!! 💙 Especially, a long ER visit…

This past weekend was a little bit different of scenery for me. I had to go to the ER. Not something you ever want to do. Plus, this was my first scary moment where it led me to the ER. It wasn’t how I wanted to spend my weekend, but what gave me a piece of mind was my Oncologist was on call and would be there to check-in with me. I hear horror stories about unplanned hospital visits when dealing with something like cancer. Let’s be honest, no matter what the situation is, going to the ER isn’t ideal. Cancer sucks and with everything else that comes along with it…I feel my head is going to explode. This whole process can honestly be very OVERWHELMING and taking a step back to breathe, is so important. Reflect on the good! Regardless of what happened this weekend, I have come such a long way and I still have a long road ahead, but a good one!

For me, this visit was immunotherapy related. As of now, I officially have had 3 rounds of immunotherapy. A lot of things can happen with any type of treatment plan you are on. The best thing for the patient themselves, know your body. Know when your body really is not doing okay. All last week, I was spiking a fever in the evening, but it would not last long. It would gradually move its way back down to normal. In the morning and during the day, my temperature was fine. A deep cough started to form as well. This just brought a lot of discomfort. The turning point that really got my brother and I to call my Oncologist again and really thought it was time to go in…jaundice. Saturday morning, I noticed when looking in the mirror, the whites of my eyes were a yellow pigment. When I was outside shortly after noticing my eyes, my brother noticed my face was yellow and honestly, I did not look good.

Off to the ER I went. With my Oncologist being the on call doctor, he wanted me to come in so we can get a jump on what is going on. All about staying ahead as much as we can. We all know ER visits can be long and oh man was it ever. It was fine though. I had all sorts of tests ran to rule out anything and everything, but the temperature and deep cough…those were side effects from the immunotherapy. Regardless, it is always best to make sure it is nothing more than what I am already dealing with. My immune system was just in shock. Immunotherapy ramps it up and could cause some issues. My jaundice is from my liver and how it is not happy at the moment. The toxicity from all the treatments I’ve been on just got to be a little too much. I was admitted for 2 days. While I was in the hospital I received fluids, lots of monitoring, medication to help reverse what is going on, and “rest”. Hahahaha Like that is easy in a hospital. Everything has and still is improving!! My liver function is moving in the right direction!!! I haven’t had a fever of some sort since last weekend. It’s all up hill from here!

The plan for now is to take some time off from immunotherapy and rest! I have some BIG things in the works within the next month that I will be sharing throughout the next couple of days. I will be spreading my posts out so stay tuned for Part 2.




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