CT Results and Round Twenty-three…✔️

A little time has gone by and I’ve been meaning to share my latest CT results. Lately, I have been feeling good and have had a little more energy. I’ve been more active and pushing myself a little more. It sure is a different world out there when you are starting to feel good. Especially, when you are not so worried about when 💩 about to hit the fan. Lol But really! It is a nice change. With the CT scan results, there are some unknowns that are getting figure out, I at least wanted to share what I know at the moment.

The Good: Two tumors are still responding and really shrinking. THIS IS SO EXCITING. From where I was in February to now, I am in a “much” better spot. It is a nice breath of fresh air. Regardless, this journey continues on and I keep praying that one day I will have no signs of disease, but hearing “the good” is so nice. All that I have been through this last year, it sure makes me feel good. In away, it is paying off!

With the results, came some unfortunate news however.

The Bad: The third spot that is considered to be located in the adnexal region has slightly grown. This area refers to the area connected to the uterus. From the looks of it on the scan, this spot that has slightly grown looks to be located on my right ovary or at least very close to it. 😦

With this new and not so good information, I will be having another surgery…very soon. Now, what that will look like is still getting figured out. Throughout this journey, there are a lot of unknowns and things can always change. Being on your toes is a must! Right now, with things getting figured out, I wont get into too many details mostly because nothing is set and stone at the moment. Regardless, I have a couple different avenues as to what I can do. Different options for when it comes to surgery. Options are good, right? I usually like options.

With knowing I will have another surgery coming up here soon, I am trying not to think too much into it. I would love to not have a repeat of last time. A little recap, I was prepped and told I was having my appendix removed. I was told surgery would only take 45min to an hour. I was told I would leave the next day. Well, none of that happened. 4ish hours later, I was out of surgery. I woke up and my dad explained to me that I have cancer. I was told my appendix was just fine. And staying 1 night ended up being a 4 night stay for me. Plus, way more staples than I was hoping for. So it would be nice to have a different outcome. Honestly, my surgeon who is amazing can do whatever, as long as the cancer is GONE! I look at it as a way for my surgeon to physically see what’s going on…I mean scans can only show us so much. Right!?!

As things do start to get figured out, I will be sharing the game plan and opening up more about that. For now, I had my 2nd round of immunotherapy With immunotherapy being every three weeks, having the longer gap between treatments is so nice. Chemo was really getting to me, physically and mentally. Honestly, there were moments I wish never happened…but there were a few I am happy they did. Regardless, I am happy to be off of chemo for now. Immunotherapy is a complete game change for the better, I think. Especially, when it comes to the side effects. The plus side too, I am maintaining my weight. It felt good seeing my weight remain stable. With the lack of appetite I’ve had, the last handful of chemo treatments I’ve always been down in weight. So maintaining is good!

In the meantime of figuring out the next step for me, I would appreciate all the prayers and happy thoughts/vibes. In advance, thank you!







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