Round One… ✔️

The night before my 1st chemo treatment, my niece Sadie wished me the best of luck. Leave it up to a 4 year old to give you words of encouragement. Sadie told me, “Auggie, good luck to be brave”! I love that!!!

Walking into the chemo facility, I was full of so much emotion. Tears building up and the nerves kicking in more. I just thought to myself, this is really happening.

I was at the hospital for 4 hours. Once the chemo was completed, I took another type of chemo home with me for 48hrs. I wasn’t sure how it would go being home hooked up to chemo, but it wasn’t too bad. Especially, when I had my comfort food for dinner…grilled cheese and tomato soup! Yum. Thanks to my bonus mom for making it.

My 1st blog post, I mentioned my port has a name, Betty. So why not name my chemo machine. Peter the pump. Name credit goes out to my brother!

The recovery days I slept a lot. Very heavy sleeping occurred throughout the weekend. I did feel nauseous at times and still do, but luckily it isn’t horrible. I also am dealing with some tingling in my hands that only last a few minutes. I mainly get the tingling when I touch something cold. My taste buds are acting up, but I am getting through it. Spicy food is kind of hitting the spot and I am not much of a spicy food kind of girl.

Next treatment is Oct. 19th. Hopefully, just more heavy sleeping is in store for me.



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