Round Two…Postponed

Chemo got postponed Oct 19th. Not something I wanted to hear. My white blood cells/B12/iron were low to the point my doctor did not want to put me through chemo. My body needed to rest more, but clearly the chemo is working.

I was told I was neutropenia…

I’ve been staying away from work, public places, and sick people. I have to put my health first during this journey. It sucks. I never imagined myself going through this in my 20’s. I’ve had to cancel two trips, one was to Connecticut to visit my best friend and the other was to Arizona to go to one of my dearest friend’s wedding. My whole world feels like it literally flipped upside down. BUT, I will push through this and beat this stupid cancer.

My brother described my chemo being postponed as my “bye week”. So clever…so true! It is extra time to take care of myself and my health. I’ve had great company during this time to keep me entertained. 🙂

I was so bummed. Change is never easy. My original schedule was PERFECT. What is perfect though? Things do not always work out how we would want them to, it’s life. Something I need to remind myself, it’s life. And now I will be on chemo for my dad’s celebration of life. Something I really wanted to avoid. But, “it’s life” and I will make it work.

I have started to take a B12 injection and an iron infusion on top of the vitamins I have been taking. I am doing all I can to kill this cancer and to keep me healthy.

Oct 26th, I went in to see if chemo would be on or postponed again. My numbers improved! Of course I am still bummed I will be on chemo for my dad’s celebration, but hearing my numbers have improved felt good! It’s what you want to hear as a chemo patient.

Chemo was back on. I took a little nap during it and did some people watching. The nauseousness seemed to kick in right away while I was sitting there, but it got under control. The first night, I could not sleep. I was wide awake. I counted sheep and that was not working. Thank goodness for naps! I have not been sleeping as much as the 1st round of recovery days. I am tired, but I feel my energy is improving quicker then the 1st round (the B12 injections and iron infusions have helped). Sleeping in general this week has been difficult though. I just cannot get comfortable and cannot stop tossing/turning.

I have had moments and I know I will have more. This isn’t easy and it sure is not fun. In away, it consumes your life. It is so important to surround yourself with people who are loving, supportive, encouraging, pushes you, and entertains you! I say “pushes you” because with chemo, it changes your taste buds, you have LOTS of moments where nothing sounds good and you don’t feel like eating, and you have lots of moments that you just want to stay in bed all day. It’s good to have people who push you for the better. People to push you to just eat something and to get up, walk around and stretch those legs.

All I can say, is this will be a battle and there will be lots of downs, but cancer is not going to win this battle, I AM!



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