The BIG Day is Scheduled…

Never a dull moment in the cancer world, but things are finally looking up for me! I feel good about what is next to come. Not a whole lot to share with on this post, but I am wanting to share an important date…two actually!

SURGERY – it is schedule for August 13th. It is finally happening. I’ve been off of prednisone since June 5th and off of chemo since May 26th to gear up for this surgery. My latest bloodwork came back looking great! My liver specialist was very excited to call me last week to share the good news. I am happy to say, my liver enzymes are functioning on their own, which means bye-bye prednisone.

With the time I have before surgery, there are things I am wanting to focus on. The number one thing is ME! I am working on that body and mind because both have been through a lot especially the last handful of months. Prednisone takes a toll on your body, really messes it up, and it has on mine. Happy to be off this stuff! Focusing on living that life…taking a trip to OR next month and I cannot wait! I haven’t been out of WA for a LONG TIME and I am really looking forward to it. Eating and eating whatever sounds good and looks good. If it is sugar, I don’t care! Bring on the ice-cream. Exercise!!!!!!!!!! I need to gain those pounds and gain that muscle – very important before my big day. I’ve started to get into swimming. Now, I am no pro, but I do enjoy it and my body feels good after. Need to kill this head cold before I can get back at it. 

For the time I have been off of prednisone, I am starting to slowly feel like a person again, despite living with cancer. I am driving more and getting out more. Getting that independence back in away! Socializing way more and really getting out of the house. I am enjoying life again! In away, I feel things are starting to look up for me and it feels good!

The second important date is September 21st! Get Your Rear in Gear walk will be happening again and I cannot wait to walk with all the participants especially Team Auggie. Let’s raise awareness on how important screening is and it doesn’t matter at what age, it needs to be done.

If you would like to donate and/or join the team, please visit:

In the mean time, I am gearing up for surgery! Regardless, I will be at the walk in September and if I have to be pushed in a wheelchair, fine by me. I will be there. Hopefully, I will be walking with my team and everyone else! 🙂





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