Round Twenty-one…Canceled Again

Yes, treatment was canceled again. This time, insurance got in the way. One of the immunotherapy drugs recently got FDA approved. Well, my insurance was not aware of this so they denied that particular drug. My team at the hospital are working on it. There is no reason for the denial. As of right now, we have rescheduled for this up coming Thursday. ANNOYING…

This is the life of a cancer patient. You never know what will happen. Anything can happen during this process and many bumps in the road. However, another week off means another week of healing from the side affects. I’ve been feeling good! The neuropathy in my feet have been bothering me at night. I have just been resting and getting out of the house more often now. With this extra week off, it does make me nervous. The reason why, it is another week off of treatment that will hopefully kill the cancer. Regardless, my numbers are looking good. I have also noticed my appetite is slowly coming back, but those damn mouth sores SUCK. I am dealing with a few right now.

Before knowing my treatment was canceled, nerves were kicking in the day before. Switching treatments up is a big deal. What could cause a switch in treatment plans could be due to your body stops responding. Meaning, tumors are growing instead of shrinking or staying stable. The other way is due to the toxicity of chemo could be too much for the body to handle. Meaning, the side effects. My neuropathy was sure kicking in, vomiting, huge appetite change, loosing weight, mouth sores, diarrhea, fatigue, ect. It was too much and I was getting sick of dealing with those side effects. That was the reason for the switched, my side effects were becoming too much. It is nerve-racking because of the unknown. You do not know how your body will take it, what will happen during the off weeks, or what side effects will I face. Each body is different and each person handles treatment differently. I am keeping a positive mind and a smile on my face. Third time’s the charm!

These extra weeks have sure been nice though!

The perks starting immunotherapy, I will no longer have the pump. Good-bye pump life and good-bye going in every other week. The immunotherapy I will be on is every 3 weeks. This will be a nice break from the hospital. Also, the side effects are very minimal. They are not like the side effect you can have during chemo. I am looking forward to that and hoping it all goes well!

My cancer friend Brittany touched on a subject I’ve been wanting to talk about and I liked what she had to say. The question that was brought up was, “What is one thing you want people to know about cancer that they may not know?” Good questions! I could probably write a novel in response to this question. I promise I won’t…or will I. What was brought up, was support during the journey. We all understand that life can get in the way and we all can get caught up in things. It’s life!

Battling cancer is not just a physical battle, it is a mental battle too. Sometimes the mental side can be worse than the physical. Sometimes we let that side come out more than the physical side. It is hard to see others struggle, especially when they are someone close to you. For me, I am the type that it is hard for me to see my family/friends see me in pain. Who does? I don’t want people to see me in pain. I don’t want to be in pain. This six letter word is scary and a very unknown journey. Me personally, my battle is unknown. I don’t know when I will be able to say I am NED (no evidence of disease). I feel good about it and hope for it every day. What isn’t unknown is the support your loved ones give you during this time. The support from your family/friends is so important. That is what counts the most.

If you have someone in your life battling cancer, just be there for them and support them. DO something for them! Don’t ask. By saying, “Let me know if there is anything I can do”, I will be honest…most people in my shoes including myself probably will never ask. Reason why, we don’t know what we need. So just DO something for them. We make enough decisions as is, sometimes it is nice to not have to make one. Sometimes it is nice to get a surprise. Communication is key on both ends as well. Be open with how you are feeling, regardless if it slaps you in the face. My cancer friend Marissa and I touched on the support subject, but also how we can feel alone at times. This could happen to anyone, but I would say it’s pretty bad in this situation. People go about their day and here we are, battling cancer. Life isn’t the same prior to being diagnosed. Who wishes their second home was a hospital? I know I wish it wasn’t for me. Life will not be the same once you are told you are NED. Any tragedy, life isn’t the same after. We go through a lot of changes and we can be in our head way too much. Any great excuse to get out of our heads, it a treat! Doing something for a friend battling whatever that may be will just make that person feel good. It will put a smile on their face for sure! That’s what we need, we need that push sometimes, we need tho feel loved, and we need to feel that support. Who doesn’t want that? So…DO something for them!

My cancer friend Brittany said it well, “So make sure to send love and prayers to someone you know going through this cause a pretty smile on social media doesn’t tell the whole story.” This blog doesn’t tell my “entire” store. Just be there for the person in need and DO something for them!

Two amazing ladies to follow on Instagram: Brittany (Ovarian cancer) and Marissa (Cervical cancer). These ladies are an inspiration! I’ve enjoyed connecting with them both and so will you. Username:_brittany_crosby_ and mar_jac.

Lastly, GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR is a week away. My friend Sydney and I will be wearing our royal blue tutus so come walk with us. Help us bring awareness to colon cancer and early screening. You can join the team and donate or just donate. Thank you to everyone who has supported our team thus far and for those who continue too. Love the support! THANK YOU!!! I greatly appreciate it along with the Get Your Rear in Gear community. Also, want to hear me speak? Yeah…it is happening next Saturday at the opening ceremony!!! See you there! #TeamAuggie




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