Round Twenty-one…Canceled

It is weird writing the word “cancel” instead of “postpone” in relation to chemo . I mean postpone kind of works, but that always related to my neutrophils were too low to proceed. This time, it is for a different reason. My numbers are still in a good spot and we are still moving in the right direction. My treatment today was canceled because we are changing things up!

Lets talk about the toxicity. This chemo I’ve been on for the last 11 rounds has been difficult. Mouth sores, neuropathy, peeling skin on hands/feet, diarrhea, nausea, throwing up, lack of appetite…it is not fun at all. The toxicity is becoming too much and my Dr. does not want it to get worse nor do I. Some people can stay on this type of treatment I’ve been on for many treatments. Way more than what I have gone through. But, the world of cancer, everyone’s story is different and the side effects can be different too. With the toxicity becoming harder to handle, we are changing things up.

I will be starting immunotherapy next week! I get an extra week off. Woohoo!!!

This new plan will give me more time away from the hospital. Right now, I go in every other week to have chemo and then, I take a pump home for 46 hours. It’s a lot and it can be draining doing the same thing over and over again. Especially, when it is something you do not want to do. Not anymore. Good bye pump life and the side effects I’ve been dealing with. Now, I will have treatment every 3 weeks. Side effects are still there, but not as crazy as the side effects you get from chemo.  Plus, I hope I will be able to get back to having “normal” weeks. We will see!

Of course I am nervous to start this new plan. Who wouldn’t be! The chemo I have been on is working for me and I have been responding. The side effects are just getting worse. Changing things up is nerve-racking because it is unknown what will happen. Will my body respond correctly? Will this treatment work? Will it continue to shrink my tumors? Could this treatment plan be my saving grace? I don’t know, but we will see. I have confidence and I am feeling really good about this. You guys are on this journey with me, so both feet forward and so much positivity!!!

I am looking forward to not having the side effects that you get from being on chemo. I am also looking forward to fewer trips to the hospital and more time enjoy life. One thing my brother mentioned as we were walking out…Audrey, what will you do with your fanny pack? Well, maybe I will still rock the fanny pack…not sure yet!





2 thoughts on “Round Twenty-one…Canceled

  1. We are so proud of how brave you are/ have to be. I’m glad you get to switch it up! Hopefully it will be much better for you. Hang in there ❤️


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