Round Four… ✔️

Chemo was back on last Thursday. My numbers improved SO MUCH! My neutraphils went from a 0.1 to a 4.5 and my platelets went from a 74 to a 227. My B12 and iron also improved. I was so excited to hear the news and my Doctor was very happy too. Woohoo! I guess that G shot ended up working out. Finally, my numbers are in a good place and hopefully they continue to stay that way.

My doctor did lower my dosages by 15% last Thursday so hopefully by lowering my dosages of chemo will keep my numbers in a good place. I am still being careful because I want my numbers to continue to be in a good place. I do not want to jeopardize anything and I want to continue to be in a good spot. Hopefully, no more postponing chemo treatments for me!

This round, I was a little tired, but it was not like the first round of chemo were I slept all day for about 3 days straight. I feel good! Tingling in my fingers still is happening, but it is only when I touch anything that is cold. One of the things I was told is that I will not lose my hair. My pharmacist did mention my hair will thin out, but I have so much, I did not think it would be noticeable. But it is to me. Showering, I have noticed more hair than usually is wrapping around my fingers when I shampoo and my brush is getter full quicker. It is what it is, I still have my hair and that is all that matters. Worse case scenario, I will have to start wearing a wig, but I feel I am far from that. My appetite is still the same. Not a whole lot sounds good to me, but when something does, I make sure to get it. Gotta put something in my stomach even if it is a cheese burger from Dicks.

The gift shop next to the chemo center was having a Glassybaby event last Thursday. My brother went a little too crazy (hahaha), but he was sweet enough to purchase me one. The one he bought me is very fitting for this journey I am on. He got me the one that represents BRAVE and it is also the color of the colon cancer ribbon. When I got it home and lit the candle, it melted my heart because it was so perfect. We can all use some brave in our lives. The ladies working the booth were so sweet to us. One of them even wrote a personal note, which was so sweet. She told me to keep being brave and she enjoyed meeting my brother and I. They loved that my brother goes to my chemo treatments with me. My sister reminded me of what my niece told me the day before my first chemo treatment, which I shared in one of my blog post. “Good luck to be brave.” I guess BRAVE is what this journey represents for me. Maybe a tattoo idea! 😉

Chemo is on for next Thursday. I am crossing my fingers that my numbers are still in a good place. I also go in for my colonoscopy on Monday…we will see how that goes. 😬

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