Round Four…Postponed

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was bitter sweet. It was a great gathering with my family. I LOVE MY FAMILY! But, we missed an important man there. My dad! He was greatly missed along with his cooking. BUT, it was a nice and relaxing one for sure. I probably ate more than I have in the last week or two. Woohoo! I unfortunately have not had much of an appetite. When I crave something though, I make sure to get it. I am trying my best to just get something in my stomach throughout the day.

Chemo was scheduled to be Wednesday the 22nd. My Doctor postponed it due to my neutraphils were a 0.1. Way too low to handle chemo. The range neutraphils are supposed to be is between a 2-7.5. My Doctor was shocked how low they got. I was shocked. I was really thinking they would be in a good place, but they were not. The downside is this journey will just take a little longer, but I was happy I did not have my chemo pump, Peter for Thanksgiving.

People have been asking me, “How can you get your neutraphils up”. Really, it is the chemo that is lowering them. The chemo is doing what it is supposed to do, kill everything. There really isn’t much you can do besides staying away from sick people and public places. I’ve been taking a lot of vitamin C and staying up on all my vitamins. I did get a G shot last week to help boost my white blood cells. It was a painful shot, the nurse gives it to you slowly and there was a burning feeling while the stuff was going in. Gosh, I hope this shot works!

During this extra off week, I dealt with the worse back spasm. It hurt to breath, cough, sneeze, and sleep. The only thing that made it bearable was laying on the couch and being still. I did everything to make it go away, but nothing was working. Today, I feel good and the spasm is still there, but so much better. Appetite still needs to improve and I am trying to work on that. It is hard when you are not hungry and nothing sounds good. Diarrhea has improved, thank goodness. Something I have learned is just let it happen and what will be will be. When you are battling cancer, you don’t have control. You don’t have control on the journey itself, it can change at any time and you don’t have control over your body. Chemo will do its thing and you just have to accept what will happen. It’s hard…I like to have control. 😉 I am learning.

I will be going in tomorrow to see if chemo can happen or not. I am hoping my neutraphils have improved. My Doctor will also be lowering my dosage of chemo so it does not wipe out my white blood cells. Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes well!



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