Biopsy Results Are In…

So my biopsy results did not come back how I was hoping they would. I so badly wanted my Doctor to say it was just scar tissue, but it wasn’t.

The 2cm nodule came back positive…

I will have another surgery very soon. The last three rounds of chemo have been postponed until after surgery and heeling. Tomorrow I will be getting a pet scan done to see if there is anything else swimming around. Wednesday, I will meet with my surgeon to schedule the surgery.

My doctor said the nodule is considered a seed from my original tumor which was perforated. Luckily, it wasn’t something new.

I am bummed about my results. Not happy I will have another surgery. BUT, I will keep fighting and keep that positive attitude. It is what it is. This surgery should be a breeze compared to my first one. Hopefully!

Battling cancer is such a roller coaster. Just when you feel like you’re nearing the end, the rug gets ripped out from underneath you.

The great thing is, for the pet scan tomorrow I do not have to drink anything. Hallelujah!!!!!

I got this! There is no stopping me and I know I will get through this battle. I just have my moments of feeling down. It’s normal and if you are going through something like cancer, you have every right to feel any feeling you want. Be mad, be sad, be happy…be every feeling you want to feel.




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