Round Eight…✔️

Only four more treatments to go. The last two treatments I’ve been feeling the chemo more and it hasn’t been the easiest. I’ve been so tired and just want to sleep.

As I am getting closer to the end, I’ve been getting more tired, more exhausted, and more sluggish. My neuropathy also has been lasting longer than in the past. Normally, my neuropathy lasts the first two days of getting chemo, but Monday I’ve been feeling it in my hands, but luckily I have not felt it in my feet. Most common areas neuropathy hits is your hands and feet. I do get the tingling in my finger tips and tongue when I touch/eat cold stuff. I’ve had to stay away from ice-cream and I LOVE ice-cream.

I am sure I have mentioned this before, one of my chemo treatments I take home with me for 46hrs. It’s in a pump and I just carry it around in my fanny pack. 😉 I am bringing the fanny pack back! Hahaha Well, around 2:30am Friday morning of last week, my pump decided to malfunction and it would not stop beeping. We called the on call doctor who informed us to just come in around 9ish to get it fixed. We got it turning off and I was able to go back to sleep. I thought I may have laid on it, but it ended up being a faulty pump and they had to switch it out for a new one.

Saturday/Sunday, all I did was sleep. I did catch the commercials and half time show during the Super Bowl. Best part of the Super Bowl was the emotional episode of This is Us. I love that show! I had a feeling Jack died by saving the dog. So sad.

Appetite has been off and on still. I enjoyed some Chick-Fil-A on Monday thanks to my friend Madison and that hit the stop. Gotta love waffle fries!

Tuesday of this week I went in to get a CT scan done to see how things are looking. Side note, I had to drink the nastiest stuff. It was a milky/thick drink with a slight flavor of berry. It was so nasty. They gave me two water bottles of that stuff and after the second one, I threw up. But I felt better. The last time I had a CT scan was at the very beginning. It was before I went in for surgery and they thought it was my appendix. I was a little nervous, but thought positive thoughts and trusting the big man upstairs that it will all be good. My doctor is happy with how my numbers are with my lab work. My neutrophils this time around were a 5.9 so they are staying in a good stop. That G shot is working!

Yesterday, I got a call from my doctor about the CT scan. Everything looked good, but there was a 2cm spot near my abdominal incision that my doctor wants to get tested to rule it out. I had a moment when I heard the voicemail and cried, but I thought to myself it’s fine and it will all work out. Regardless, it’s scary. With having cancer, you really don’t know what will happen. Anything can happen. I think it is scar tissue because that incision has taken more time to heal than the other incision. I will be going in Tuesday of next week to get a biopsy done on it to see what exactly it is. So lots a happy thoughts and prayers please!!!

Beside my cancer life, Wednesday of this week was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 57. I sure miss him so much. To share a little about my dad, he was so positive and had the biggest heart. He loved to love and loved to give. He also was a jokester. When we would go out to dinner, he loved to pay with a non debit or credit card. He usually would put his gas card down and we would just watch the waiter/waitress try to swipe it. Some would think it wasn’t funny, but most of the time we would get a laugh from them. We celebrated by having Italian from his favorite restaurant and finished it off with an apple pie from the Snohomish pie company. It was the last apple pie they had so it was totally meant to be. We also had a nice bottle of red wine too. My dad loved his wine.

This weekend I am going to spend some time with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces. I am looking forward to that. Being around little kids just brightens your day and it’s so much fun. Well, I think so!

I will keep you guys posted on the biopsy next week. We may not have the results right away, but I will do a follow-up blog to let you know how it went.



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