Round Five… ✔️

I am almost half way through this journey and it feels good.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with your loved ones. My family and I had a nice relaxing Christmas. We stayed in our pjs all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Although, we sure missed my dad. He was always the life of the party! I did get a special gift from my bonus mom. She had quilts made with my dad’s shirts and ties. It will be something I will cherish the rest of my life!

Round 5 happened on Dec. 14th. I’m a little behind on getting this post out. Things went well. My neuropathy in my hands kicked in more the first couple of days after treatment. Numbness to my fingers and cramping to my hands. Right now, it’s been fine. Other than that, my side effects haven’t been too bad. My neutrophils were low, they were a 1.3, but my Doctor said as long as they are above a 1 we can proceed with chemo. I just need to be careful still and be careful with who I am around. Hopefully, I’ll be in a good place for round 6 this Thursday. My Doctor did mention I may need to get another G shot. It did help the last time, but that shot is painful to get. They give it to you slow and it burns.

The same week of round 5 of chemo, I had my colonoscopy. I was nervous leading up to it. I just wanted to hear good news for a change. I am happy to say it all went well. Below are the exact words from my surgeon:

– No signs of colon cancer present
– No areas of narrowing, infection, inflammation, or bleeding evident
– Number of colon polyps found is 0
– Diverticulosis of the colon was not found
– Site of surgery of the colon is well healed

I was relieved to read his notes and here the good news! It’s only up from here.

Round 6 of chemo is this Thursday. I’ll post an update sometime next week.

I hope everyone has a great New Years!!!


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