Three Month Scan – Round 2 ✔️

I had my 2nd three month scan February 3rd and on February 14th, I FINALLY received the news. It was a longer wait than I had hoped for to get the results back. My oncologist was out of town and I figured with not hearing anything from his back up, no news was good news! And, it sure was!!! My scans and bloodwork came back all clear and nothing concerning or unusual came up. Lots of big smiles in that room that day, even some watery eyes! My oncologist literally said, “this is truly a miracle”. Never did we think I would be where I am at today, but look at me now and it feels so damn good. Two rounds of three month scans under my belt and all is still good! Life is good!

Moving forward, I have one more three month scan scheduled. If all goes well with that follow-up (it will), my oncologist at that time will spread out the scans to every six months. WOW – that is so insane to have heard that and to type it out for myself and everyone to read. For two years of my life I was visiting the hospital so much it truly became my second home. Now, I am rarely there and it feels so good because there is no reason for me to be there anymore. It is truly a blessing!

Another big change is coming up for me, I was officially cleared to return to work. I will start out part-time to easy into it. I do not want to overwhelm myself and I am blessed to have the opportunity to start back part-time. I am nervous and have some concurs with how it all will go. I’ve been out of work for awhile and things have changed for sure throughout the last two years. However, I am sure it will be much easier to handle than battling for my life. I am looking forward to getting back into a “normal routine” for a change and not have medical stuff to worry about. I have been so focused on saving my life the last few years, I did not have the strength or the ability to focus on anything else. Now, with cancer behind me, I can focus on my life again and what I truly want in life!

It is still so surreal that I am a cancer survivor. It is quite the accomplishment and such a huge victory to be where I am at in my life today! I will always look back on the last two years of my life and be blown away from what all I went through. I still take a moment to process all that has happened to my life, what all I went through physically and mentally, and how I have overcome cancer and the challenges that come with it. Cancer did not win and will never have an opportunity to win. I am the winner in my book!




2 thoughts on “Three Month Scan – Round 2 ✔️

  1. Just checking in!! So blessed to read your good reports❤️❤️🙏
    This truly is a miracle and I couldn’t be happier!!! God bless you🤗❤️🙏


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