Round Twenty-five…✔️

Feels a little strange writing a title like this again. It seems like treatment for me has been awhile – it has! Back to chemo I go. This is for the time being! Mostly, until I am off of the prednisone (cannot wait) and can gear up for the BIG SURGERY. I will say, it has given me a peace of mind being back on some kind of a treatment plan. To know I am continuing to keep things at bay and being in some kind of a routine for my HEALTH, has taken some stress off my shoulders. Being on a hold from treatment or surgery for that matter because of a complication causes a lot of thinking in that head and anxiety of what is happening inside of me. So – I was okay with getting back on chemo. Plus, seeing my team while getting treatment was nice – it has been awhile and it is always nice to see their smiling faces/warm hugs!

Pump life was not too bad. I forgot how much I miss showering during that time and I know…it is only 46hrs, but that length of time feels like forever. In my situation. The whole sleeping with Peter (pump) was like riding a bike. 😉 The little beep it makes as it pushes the chemo through the tube into my body – I thought I forgot that noise. I could not wait to get it off though and shower. It’s more annoying an anything!

Side effects haven’t been too bad! I hope that it stays that way so all the positive vibes, prayers, and good thoughts PLEASE. As of now, fatigue all the way, but I am pushing through it. Not letting a “little” fatigue stop me from getting out there and having FUN. I forgot how much your nose loves to run like a facet – plus allergy season is beginning. Neuropathy kicked in a little to my hands and mostly to my feet – it hasn’t been too bad, but it has been bothering my feet. A much needed pedicure with an extra massage was scheduled! Regardless, it is never fun and is uncomfortable. And the 💩 talk – it has not been too bad, but had some episodes. And the stomach – it hasn’t been acting up a whole lot, but there has been a few times. The appetite is there for the most part. I’ll be honest, it’s not a big one. Nothing I am really craving nor nothing sounds disgusting. Mostly, I would say chemo fatigue hit me pretty good this round, but what sucks – the prednisone loves to keep you from sleeping. And napping!Prednisone just sucks all around – counting down the days!

On the plus side, I am not getting the whole chemo combination I did prior to starting immunotherapy. My oncologist didn’t think it was necessary, especially with the plan to have surgery here soon! Also, the point of me getting back on chemo is to keep things at bay. So with that, side effects shouldn’t be too terrible – I hope!

The liver enzymes keep improving! All are almost within a good normal range. As of last week, I was able to lower my dose slightly. Regardless, it is an improvement and a blessing that I am steps closer to being off this stuff. This tapering process of the prednisone will be a slooowwww one. My body needs to handle it correctly this time and I know it will. PATIENCE!!! This surgery will happen!

Moving forward, my team and I are just playing it by ear until I am completely off of prednisone. Weekly monitoring for my liver enzymes is still happening and another round of chemo this Friday. Which for me, chemo is every other week.



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