Round Twenty-one…✔️

This round officially happened, but it wasn’t immunotherapy.

Second time immunotherapy has been canceled. Unfortunately, it was still because my insurance was denying one of the immunotherapy drugs. It blows my mind situations like this happen in the healthcare world. Insurance was denying to cover a drug that could work…it will work. I am confident it will work, but my insurance was being ridiculous. I’ve spoken with a couple of my cancer friends and this isn’t unusual. They too have had situations like this happen to them. WHY?????? It is so irritating and so frustrating.

Waiting game continued for three weeks…

Game plan – If immunotherapy wasn’t approved, I would go back to the chemo treatment I was previously on. That happened. The reason we stopped chemo was due to the toxicity. My side effects were getting worse. The treatment was working and that is great. It wasn’t ideal to go back on the chemo, but we also did not want to keep waiting to hear back and be at a stand still. I want to be ahead as much as possible, but that is difficult. Cancer is so unknown, unknown of what will happen at any minute of any day.  I’m over chemo, the pump life, and the horrible side effects. It’s brutal and something I hope no one has to face if they haven’t already. It is not fun. But…chemo is over.

Guess what? Monday was my last chemo treatment…I officially got word Friday, immunotherapy has officially been approved. YAY! I am so excited. I’ve heard way better things about immunotherapy, like the minimal side effects and going in every three weeks. I am looking forward to that. Maybe get back in the swing of things…like work. But, I am in no rush nor should I be in a rush. I’ve been battling for my life for a year now, have had 21 treatments, and continue too and will continue too even when you’re told you’re cancer free. It is a journey. It effects and attacks your whole body. It changes you physically, mental, emotional…really everything.

With a 3 week break, it was great and what I needed. My body needed a break from getting pumped with poison. Side effect have lingered, but are way more tolerable and it made this last round not too bad. I’ve felt more myself and was able to do a lot more. Plus, Get you Rear in Gear event was this last Saturday. I walked the whole thing. It was such a great event and I was so honored they asked me to speak at the opening ceremony. 1st time-sharing my story to a crowd of unfamiliar faces. It was a great experience and in a way therapeutic. It isn’t easy sharing and opening up about something personal to a big group of people, but stories need to be shared.

So share your story? At the end of the day, it will make an impact in someone’s life if you know it or not. It will!

For the walk, I want to THANK those who came out to walk beside me and for those who donated to the event. It meant so much to me and the Get your Rear in Gear community. As a team, we raised over $5,000 and as an event, over $23,000. Incredible!!! But, I couldn’t have done this without my supporters, my cheer squad. THANK YOU!!!

Immunotherapy will begin this Friday! Of course, starting anything new is nerve-racking especially in the cancer world. I wont go there though because this will work. Third times the charm. Right?

Let’s see how I do!




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