Round Sixteen…✔️

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Chemo #16 is in the books. My off week wasn’t too bad. To be honest, there were a few moments I felt like my old self. That sure felt good! 

Stomach aches/cramps no matter what come and go. They’re not fun…always leads to diarrhea :(…it hasn’t been too bad this round. The shitty part about having cancer, not knowing when your side effects will kick in. It can be hard to make plans sometimes. Plus, when you are feeling good and you know you have chemo tomorrow…hard life because you will not be feeling so good the next couple days…not a fan of this life. Energy has improved, but I still have my days that all I want to do is stay in bed. Chemo brain sucks. I have more of an appetite these days!!! That makes me happy.

CT scan update…2 out of 3 tumors have SHRUNK! Woohoo. You guys, this is so excited and such a relief to know I AM RESPONDING TO TREATMENT. Sorry I didn’t post this sooner. My doctor’s words on the phone were, “Things are looking great and there is a great improvement”! The 3rd tumor has remained the same. Which is fine. That stupid fluid sack still remains as is. All good news! Let’s keep this good news coming though!!! My tumor marker is also in the low 4’s. Woohoo!!!

Next steps…I’ll have three more treatments and another CT scan after. The waiting game continues…although I am so happy with the results thus far. 

I have not shared this yet and I think it’s time to! There is a colon cancer walk/run coming up this September! I have created a team, #TeamAuggie and I am so excited to help raise awareness and money for colon cancer research. The age to get a colonoscopy has lowered recently and I am so happy it has. Cancer is becoming more common in young adults. It is insane that all screenings out there to help prevent this kind of stuff isn’t required until later on. It blows my mind. Hopefully, this will trigger the age of other screenings to low as well. 👍🏻

For the walk…if you would like to support in a way of donation and/or joining the team and having a BLAST, I would forever be thankful for your support in whatever way that may be. My goal is to help bring awareness to something that has tormented so many lives including mine at 27, 26 when I was diagnosed. I would love and appreciate all the support in this walk.



This blog post is getting wrapped up as I am sitting here resting from having chemo #17 today! Tummy was acting up, but we are all good now!!!





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