Round Fifteen…✔️

I had a hard time starting this post. I know what I wanted to write about, but for some reason it has been difficult getting it out. Writers block with a mixture of chemo brain…not a good combo. Hahaha Let’s see where this goes.

Let’s start with the GOOD NEWS! Yes, I have good news. Chemo last Thursday, all my numbers looked great. The best news we received is that my tumor marker is lower. It went from 15 to 8!!! Now, I’ve mentioned this before, the tumor marker is something we cannot fully rely on, but with it decreasing is such a good sign regardless. I go in tomorrow (6/7) to get a CT scan done to see where the three tumors are at and especially see what this fluid sack is doing. Hopefully, the sack went bye-bye! So stay tuned for that update!

Thinking about it…I’m a little blown away that I am going on 10 months of battling this thing called cancer. Sitting here thinking back in the last 10 months blows my mind with all that I have been through. Can I just skip all of this and just go straight to being cancer free? 🙂 Can we all battling this stupid thing all just fast forward!?! I think about all the hospital bracelets I’ve worn, all the blood taken out of my body (😳), treatments, office visits, peeing in a cup (🤣), CT scans, getting bad news, shots, hair thinning, body changing…the list can go on. BUT, lets not think too much about all that stuff. I try my best to stay as positive as I can, but people…I am human. We are all human. It’s okay to have a not so good day and to really feel it. LET IT OUT. I do…I could be better though. I’m the type that puts on a brave face. It can be hard to show that side to others, but through this process I have learned it’s okay not to be okay. And it is okay to have those days around whoever you are with. I’ve had full on crying seasons in public before, it happens! At the end of the day, as long as you are laughing…that is all that matters! Surrounding yourself with people who can uplift you is so key. When I am feeling good, I love getting out of the house. Spend time with friends catching up and spending time with the family. Those little things, make me feel somewhat normal and makes me feel good!

So far, my side effects haven’t been too bad this round. Still dealing with fatigue, stomach aches, diarrhea, and I have gotten sick. Okay, doesn’t sound fun, but this last cycle, my side effects seems to be a little less crazy. 🤞🏻My energy comes and goes. I do get neuropathy sometimes in my left hand and foot. Seems to not hit the right side yet. Regardless, I feel good this round and that makes me happy! I am still getting the G shot to boost my white blood cells after every chemo. We tried to get rid of the shot, but without the shot, my white blood cells always drop. It is what it is!

Something I forgot about, June 3rd was “National Cancer Survivors Day! Cheers to all the survivors out there!!! 🙌🏻 I may not be done with my fight, but I am getting it done and I am WINNING. Cancer has taken a lot from me, but it has also giving me friendships with people I would’ve never met otherwise. Plus, I have reconnected with people I haven’t talked to in years. It has given me strength I didn’t know I had. Courage to share my store with you all. And a deep appreciation for every little thing, that includes…MY LIFE. Health will always be my #1, but never forget to enjoy life when you can. It is easy to get into a dark hole (depression/anxiety) while battling cancer, but don’t let yourself get there. I try my best not to get to that place. But, I am human. Surrounding yourself with things you love and people who brighten up your day is so important.

I decided to take this post to a different level and turn it into “Fun Facts” about ME! This way, if we have never met…you know a little about me.

– I am the baby of the family! And daddy’s little girl through and through.

– My step sister and I have the same birthday. We are ten years apart.

– I’ve travelled out of the country to Italy, Norway, and Denmark. My top places I would love to visit would be either Spain or Greece… Or both!

– I HATE snakes.

– I didn’t color my hair EVER until I was a sophomore in college. I took my beautiful natural blonde hair and went dark brunette. Lasted for a good year and went back to being blonde.

– I have one tattoo. (Planning to get another one)

– I got my noise pierced in college and didn’t tell my family until I came home to visit.

– Sport of choice I played was tennis. Played soccer for a couple of years, but tennis was my life and I loved it. Would like to get back into it! My dad and I played in a USTA mix doubles tournament when I was 15. We came in 2nd place!!!

– My mom packed my lunch everyday for school!

– I enjoy watching baseball either on TV or in person. In person is way more fun!

– I played the viola for 7 years.

– I had a quad growing up…Got in trouble a couple of times.

– My first car was a black Jetta. I loved that car. It got totaled my sophomore year in college. Arizona one day had a horrible hail storm. Let’s just say my car looked like a golf ball. Lol

– Speaking of golf….way better at driving the cart!

– I spoke in front of 300ish people at a Relay for Life event my junior year of college and shared my story! That was a great accomplishment.

I think that may be enough sharing for one post!

I would like to thank everyone out there who have been following my journey. My friends and family…THANK YOU! I would love to give shout outs to so many people and explain how each person has impacted my life during the last 10 months…I’m happy to say that is too many people to list, but please just know I am very thankful and appreciative of all my supporters, friends, and family! THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for my next post! Crossing my fingers and doing all I can to get great results.






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