Round Thirteen… ✔️

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We have been having such amazing weather in WA. It makes me happy and I love being outside.

I had chemo #13 on April 26th. It’s been alright…

I am so over this cancer life. I HATE cancer. I am tired of my body feeling not normal almost all the time. Honestly, I don’t know what normal is anymore. One day you feel really good and the next you feel like crap. I could have two days in a row feeling good. By the third day, I could feel like crap. You never know what will happen or when side effects will hit you. I hate to cancel or reschedule with friends and family because I am not feeling good. I shouldn’t have to cancel or reschedule, but when you are going to the bathroom nonstop, it’s hard to go out. Or when you are feeling fatigued, getting dressed and motivated for the day doesn’t sound fun. IT SUCKS PEOPLE.

This new chemo has been brutal. I won’t sugar coat it for you guys. I either have to choose to be constipated or have diarrhea. When someone asks me what I feel like eating, I majority of the time cannot answer that. My taste buds have changed. Something could sound good one minute, but when I have it in front of me, it isn’t so much appetizing anymore. My skin has changed and my hair keeps thinning. Feeling fatigued is not fun. I’ve had an upset stomach a couple of times to the point it has made me throw up. I had a bloody nose, which is weird for me because the last time I had a legit bloody nose was on my 13th birthday. It was very random and unexpected.

Enough about the not so nice stuff. When I feel good, I take advantage. I spend time with friends and family. I treat myself. I cherish those days of feeling good. With the nice weather, I get out and enjoy the sunshine. Vitamin D makes a world of a difference! 😉

I did have a CT scan last Tuesday to see how things are looking. My tumor marker was at a 15 last chemo. Yeah, it slightly moved up from when I mentioned it in my last blog post, but we are not worried because that change happens. It’s when it is a dramatic change is when you want to worry. And with the CT scan, we are still waiting for the results…

I will keep you guys posted once I get those results back. Crossing my fingers for great results and trying not to have too much scan-anxiety. Unfortunately, it is a thing. 😦 I have a feeling it will be good!!!

I do have a fun upcoming weekend planned that I cannot wait for! I am thinking happy thoughts and praying I am feeling good because I am so ready and excited for a staycation. Chemo was going to be this Thursday, but we pushed it back to the following week so I can go on this trip and have a good time. Eeek!

Have a wonderful week y’all and I will be in touch about my CT results.




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