Round Thirteen…Postponed

Well, another postponed chemo in the books. Neutrophils were too low… 0.7

I’ve had a total of 4 chemo treatments postponed due to my neutrophils. When they are below a 1, it is risky to proceed with chemo. So I will be back on the G shot. We were hoping this new chemo would not destroy my neutrophils like the last chemo did. We wanted to get rid of the G shot so that is one less thing to put in my body. But, the G shot works and helps boost my neutrophils. So why fix something when it is not broken.

I look at this off week as an extra week to have a good feeling week. I cherish those good feeling days! Although, I do not last as long as I use to, it is still so nice to have days were you are feeling good! Especially, when WA is having such great weather.

I realized I never posted anything about “Round 12”. The biggest side effects I am dealing with is fatigued, appetite, and diarrhea. Fun! Chemo #12 wasn’t too bad. I was just tired and nothing sounded good, but I ate something. Smoothies are still hitting the spot for me. I did have some stomach aches a few times, which made me sick. That wasn’t fun. But afterwards I felt much better.

With the weather turning around, I’ve been getting out and going for walks. Getting that fresh air and that vitamin D. Some walks, I come home exhausted and some I come home feeling like I could go again. But, it feels so good! It’s so important while on chemo to be a little active. It’s hard with the fatigued and of course don’t over do it, but getting a little exercise is good for us. I have also been lifting weights (light weight of course). Again, don’t over do it, but working on that muscle mass while on chemo is important. I was seeing a personal trainer twice a week for a couple of months prior to being diagnosed and doing my own workouts too. Eating healthy. Yeah, I am sure I lost all the muscle I gained during those months. Bummer, but a little progress everyday is key.

I do not have too good of news to share with you guys. My cancer is “incurable”. You sure get use to hearing bad news. What is positive news anymore? Right now, I honestly don’t know. Hearing my doctor say those words made me emotional. At 27, you do not want to hear that. I have my whole life ahead of me and so much I want to do…it’s not fare. Every rug in the world got pulled out underneath me and my family. Why? Why me? It’s considered “incurable” because three small tumors have popped up. If nothing showed on the CT or PET and everything was clear, my reaction would have been different…more excited, but that didn’t happen.

BUT. I am looking at this in a positive way (trying my best). The reason why, my tumor marker is decreasing (it’s lowering). It went from a 41 to a 35.7 to a 35.2 to a 18 to now a 14!!! Makes me happy. Although, the tumor marker isn’t something you want to fully rely on, but with colon cancer it’s a good marker to follow. That is why you hear of cancer patients getting CT/PET scans to get a better look at how the tumors are. BUT, you guys my tumor marker is decreasing. Woohoo! Some people have their markers in the 1000’s. I am thankful mine is as low as it is.

I hope and pray that my cancer is curable and that I do become cancer free. I am hoping and praying either my tumor stabilized (doesn’t grow or shrink, stays the same). If that is the case, I just stay on a maintenance chemo once a month until it stops working. Otherwise, if this chemo stops working, meaning the tumors are growing instead of shrinking, we will explore trials. But, you guys I am hoping for a cure and I feel so good about it!

Prayers please!


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