Round Ten and Eleven…✔️

Happy Monday everyone!

I have updates to share. Keeping a positive mind about everything and praying this will all be over soon. Cancer sucks…

The results from my PET scan showed two more small nodules in my abdominal area. So with the CT scan and PET scan complete, there are three nodules total and one of them being positive from the biopsy. No surgery for me anymore. The reason, too risky now that there are more spots popping up. My Dr. wants to act on this quickly and with surgery, it would just prolong everything. My chemo is changing to a more aggressive chemo that will hopefully destroy these nodules. We will be exploring trials as well, if this new chemo does not do the trick. I am pretty upset to think that the last 9 treatments I’ve gone through clearly weren’t working. If the chemo was, I would think these nodules wouldn’t have popped up. Now, in away I am starting over.

My Dr. informed me I now have stage 4 colon cancer. Why me? I just cried as we talked about the next steps.

Round ten was my first treatment on the new chemo. It went well! Luckily, I won’t deal with neuropathy anymore. The main side effects I will deal with is nauseous and diarrhea. I still won’t lose my hair, but it will continue to thin just like it has on the previous chemo. I was pretty tired the first couple of days. During my off week, I started to feel better and my energy was coming back more each day. Even treated myself to an ice-cream cone on one of the gorgeous sunny days we had here in WA! Getting that cone brought up a good memory I have with my dad. When I would have a day off during the week and it was sunny, we would go for a drive and get an ice-cream cone on the way. It was one of our favorite things to do.

It continues…the rug gets pulled out from underneath me yet again. I honestly thought I would bang out the 12 treatments and be done. I thought with everything I have been through, this journey would be a walk in the park. Nope, not the case. It doesn’t seem to work like that for anyone and it sure does not work the way you want it to. Cancer seems to have its own way of handling things. Well cancer, I have my way and my way is the best way. I just need to push on and kill this cancer.

With any road block that comes your way, do not get discouraged. Push on and continue to hold your head high. It is just a road block that is slowing things down, but once you get past it, life continues on!

This past Thursday (3/22) was chemo #11. It went well. I’ve just been tired and resting. Diarrhea sucks. My neutrophils were low again. They were at a 1.3 so when I got my pump detached on Saturday, I got a G shot. Trying to not have any chemo treatments postpone. My tumor marker is lowering. Woohoo!!! That is great news. The marker was at a 41 originally which was what triggered my Dr. to do a CT scan and a biopsy, followed by a PET Scan. The number than moved to a 35.7 to a 35.2. Keep on lowering! NOW…let me preface this with the fact the tumor marker is not always accurate nor a good indicator of what is actually happening for some people. For me, it has been pretty correct, but I just care about that # being as low as it can be.

Have a great week!





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