Round Three… ✔️

Last Thursday was round three of chemo. Nine more treatments to go. Woohoo! It has been challenging and emotional for me the last couple weeks. I feel like I’ve turned into a cry baby. Lol

The challenging part is staying home and limiting my time going out in public. My neutrophils are still below target and I am still at a high risk of catching something. I have been taking all my vitamins and lots of vitamin C. I’ve been going stir crazy being home, but I need to take care of myself and my health. I’ve been using my time coloring and binge watching.

It has been emotional because I want to go out and not think, “Could I possibly catch something” or “Am I putting myself at risk going out”. I would like to go out when I want to, see who I want to, go to work, go on vacation, and just have fun being in my twenties. BUT, right now I have to put those things on hold and be careful with what I choose to do. I have slowly started to accept that. It is only temporary. My health during this time is number 1.

My symptoms this round has been mostly diarrhea. I know, TMI but the whole point of this blog is to share my battle through fighting colon cancer. Eating has been challenging. It has been hard to find things that sound good. I have not had much of an appetite. I make sure I get something in my stomach throughout the day, but it is challenging. Neuropathy is the most common symptom for the chemo I am on. I’ve noticed it a little in my left hand, but it is only for a brief time and it goes away pretty quickly. Luckily, it has not happened too much. This is something to look out for and my Doctor asks about it every time I see him before chemo. This last visit, I had a funny question both my brother and I wanted to ask my Doctor. I asked him if I could get a handicap pass. The reason why is, why not. I am battling cancer, but also I am sensitive to the cold. I think my Doctor had a good laugh, and he did agree a handicap pass during this time of year is smart. So I am getting one!

Besides having round three of chemo, my dad’s celebration of life happened last Friday. It was an amazing celebration. Over 170 people where there who adored my dad. So many stories were told about him. It was a very special day! Honestly, it is hard to believe he is gone, but I have one incredible angle looking out for me.

Someone shared with me the other day a saying that made me think, but made total sense. “Embrace the suck.” Cancer sucks, symptoms sucks, not being able to really live life sucks, chemo sucks, not having control over your body sucks, but why not embrace it. It will only make you stronger and it is only temporary. Soon, I will be able to live life again and have full control. So anyone out there who is going through a battle, “Embrace the suck” because it’s only temporary and it will make you a stronger person!

Round 4 is next week. The day before Thanksgiving. I got this! Hoping my neutrophils have gone up. Crossing my fingers!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and stay tuned for the next post!


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